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January 13, 2022 - Hebrews 10:32-39 (AMP)

Faith is a lifestyle. When you act on Faith and commit to it, you get direct access to supernatural resources. Are you making an effort to step out beyond what you are aware of and what you can physically see? How do we turn Faith into action?


First, never lose Hope. Hope is vital in our Faith walk. We cannot cope without it. If we Hope in the Lord, we can be confident that our Hope will not be disappointed.

Spiritual Hope is grounded in the promises of the Word of God and is the confident expectation that what He says will come to pass. Hope allows you to see the vision in Faith of what you desire.

Faith ultimately feeds Hope and inspires us to take the actions necessary to help bring to pass the things we Hope for. If you're not Hoping, then you're certainly not acting on your Faith.

Seek God In Everything You Do

Second, we should exercise our Faith continuously by acting as though God's word is true and real even though we cannot see any results. The more of God's word you seek for your spirit, the more your Hope will grow and the stronger your Faith will become. Strong Faith gives all the glory to God. You don't have to be perfect, but you determine how long it takes for God's promises to manifest in your life. God is just waiting on you to get your Faith right.

Be strong in Faith and give glory to God. Be fully convinced that you already have what God has promised you.


Father, I pray that you help me increase my Faith and make me a mover of mountains. Continue to reveal Yourself to me through Your word and through our time spent together as I pray and continue to seek You. I ask that you reveal to me Your desires and promises for my life. I boldly claim in Jesus' name, right now, that those promises have already come to pass and are just waiting for me to get my Faith up where you need it to be. Father, I give you all the glory and all the honor. In Jesus' name, Amen.