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January 30, 2022 - Matthew 5:43-48 (AMP)

According to our foundation scripture, God commanded His believers to Love Your Neighbor.The natural conclusion for many at the time, was then to hate your enemy. But Jesus . . . He flipped the script and said we must also love our enemies. To love our enemies is to emulate the character of God the Father. God doesn't show kindess only to believers, so why should we. God extends His grace to all.

Jesus expects the behavior of His believers to stand out in a sinful world. As believers, our light should shine through the darkness. Even unbelievers will look out for those who looked out for them, so why would you only love those in your inner circle who are like you?

To love your neighbor as yourself is the second greatest commandment from Jesus. To claim to love God while not loving people is a contradiction. To be perfect as God is perfect, means to love others. We should passionately and righteously seek our neighbors' best interest as a refleciton of God's character. And do this even for people that we are not fond of.

Love others so radically that they wonder why!


Father, Thank you for loving me despite all of my flaws and issues. I pray you help me to love my neighbors with the same kind of love that You extend towards me. Help me to see my neighbors through Your eyes. Show me practical ways that I can help them, and through that help, be able to show them the love of Jesus. Help me to put aside any agenda I have to simply love them, to meet them where they are and to love them as You love them. In Jesus' name, Amen.