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January 28, 2022 - James 1:17 (AMP)

Everyone has certain talents or God-given gifts. For example, some people are very hospitable and relatable and know how to make people feel comfortable. Some individuals are uber talented in business, or as teachers, lawyers, or musicians.

The talents you are blessed with can be more than hobbies or even careers. These gifts can be used for the glory of God. Using your talents for God can allow you to be a part of advancing the kingdom of God, helping others, and improving the world around you.

Some people may not be sure of their talents and gifts however there are four ways to achieve finding out what you are good at. The first way is to pray. Ask and pray about what your talents are. Ask God for wisdom regarding an area you may be seeking to receive an answer about.

Second, ask others what your talents are.Sometimes its harder to see talents in ourselves but easier to see talents in others.

Third, pay attention to what you enjoy doing. Almost every time, talents and interests align. If you enjoy doing something it could be one of the God given talents the Lord has blessed you with.

Last, cultivate the talents you have. Even if you may be naturally good at something, practice can help you grow in that area and become a good steward of your God given gift.

The Bible encourages Christians to be “faithful stewards” of our God-given gifts. Using your talents for God can help you find purposeful work and share God’s love.Even if you do not see how your talent is making an impact, it is important to let yourself be used by God because you may never know how you may affect someone's life while improving the world we live in!


Father, I thank You for the gifts and talents that You have blessed me with. I pray You help me cultivate those gifts, that I may be a good and faithful steward with what You have bestowed upon me. I pray Father, that You use my talents to further Your kingdom here on earth. Prosper the work of my hands dear Lord, and use to me to multiply the good in this world. In Jesus' name, Amen.