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January 20, 2022 - Matthew 28:16-20 (AMP)

During Jesus’s days physically here on earth, the term used most to identify one of Jesus’ followers was disciple. God has called us to represent Him on this earth as disciples of His teachings, but what does discipleship truly mean?

A disciple is someone who seeks to become like the one whom they are following - accepting their teachings, not only in belief, but also in life, practicing what they have learned from their teacher. Being a believer, our individual primary goal as disciples is becoming like Christ. Secondarily, our goal is then to help others become progressively like Christ in both character and conduct, in attitudes and actions. We are to go forth and make disciples.

Discipleship is the key element of God’s kingdom agenda. “Making disciples” is accomplished by leaving our holy bubbles and sharing the gospel with the world. We should proclaim His word among those who have yet to receive God’s forgiveness of their sins. Not only is it about sharing the gospel, but it’s also about carrying ourselves like Jesus would, having good attitudes, working diligently to bring Him glory in all that we do, and being someone others can look at and see that Jesus is working in our lives each and every day. As disciples, we are to be living examples for others to follow, a light in this world, walking the narrow path, loving and providing hope.

God has called his people to represent him on the earth, to be with Him in every circumstance of life, to be transformed in personal character to be like Him. That calling is at the heart of true discipleship.


Father, it is your desire for your children to go forth and make disciples. Help me to be a part of that. Help me to be a good disciple for your kingdom and give me the grace to disciple others. Help me to advance your kingdom every day. Lord, I pray you reveal to me my weaknesses and give me the strength to grow in these areas so that I am a better example to those that I disciple. Send me out into my community, my country, and all over the world to disciple others and show them how to grow near to you. In Jesus' name, Amen.