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January 19, 2022 - James 4:5-10 (AMP)

Humility is in fact one of the highest ways in which we can honor Jesus. Christ set the perfect example of humility for us, humbling Himself before His Father and sacrificing His life for our sins. Jesus not only described Himself as "meek and lowly in heart", but he strongly impressed on His disciples the need of humility. We should therefore follow in His footsteps and seek to stay humble before God.

God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. If you place yourself in opposition to God through your attachment to the world, he will resist you. He’ll oppose you because such pride imitates the king of pride, Satan, who exalted himself above God. Well, what does it look like to humble yourself daily before the Lord?

We must first, draw near to God and submit to His will. To draw near to God is to come into His presence through prayer, praise and obedience. And this doesn't mean just hitting church on Sundays. This is a daily habit we must take up to guard against arrogance and pride.

Submitting to God is only part of the solution. Resisting the devil is the other. In this spiritual war, we must surrender to Jesus and join in opposition to the world. There’s only one way to resist him, and that's by wielding the Word of God. When we proclaim the Word of God, the Bible says that the devil will flee from you just as he fled from Christ.

Lastly, we must regularly repent of our sin. We live in a society that tends to reject personal responsibility and downplays sin. We fail to receive the help we truly need from the Lord because we don't "sin", but rather, we make "mistakes". Unfortunately for present culture, Jesus died for our sins and not our mistakes. Calling sins merely mistakes is just a symptom of arrogance and pride that will have us in opposition to the Lord. Repentance is an act of humility as we must humble ourselves before the Lord and confess to Him when we have messed up. Admitting our sins will eradicate pride in our lives.

In your life, be on guard against arrogance and pride. Seek to stay humble before God. Cry out for His wisdom, and be sensitive to His Spirit. He has much more to reveal to you. Humility is the avenue to glory!



Father, we come to you today, first thanking You for Your mercy and grace. We pray and ask that you impart upon us a spirit of humility. Humility in such a way that we do not cheapen our own worth or value within, but that we take the alignment that we are here for a greater purpose, for Your purpose, rather than just our own gain. We pray that You will highlight to us what it truly means to live a humble life, and that our own worth will be revealed by Your Light. In Jesus' name, Amen.